About Branberry Blankets

Branberry – Luxuriously soft, knitted textiles for babies and beyond.

We are extremely proud to be designed and made locally in Ballarat, Australia
As we all want what is best for our children and ourselves we use natural fibres which are perfect for all
things knitted. We deliver only the highest quality for your treasured little one.
We combine the finest natural fibres, a mix of classic & contemporary styles & exquisite colours to create
a brand of knitted babies’ blankets & textiles like no other. They are both beautiful and functional and
although they are of the highest quality, they have been designed for everyday use.
Each blanket, beanie, scarf and cushion is carefully knitted and hand finished in Australia ensuring lasting
quality. They are super soft and durable and are non-allergenic making our blankets and textiles perfect
for babies, toddlers, children and adults who are prone to skin irritations and eczema.
The Branberry baby blanket range is devoted to quality and we strive to help your baby have a soft, restful
sleep full of warmth, security and comfort.
Our high quality natural yarns include;
Merino wool. Blankets, beanies and scarves are made from 100% pure merino wool in a super soft 18.5
micron yarn which is ideal for little ones sensitive skin. No need for hand washing, we use superwash wool
so they are all machine washable.
Cotton and wool. Blended blankets, beanies and cushions are created using 70% pure combed cotton
and 30% extra fine merino wool, producing super soft, lightweight blankets and textiles that are machine
washable and dryable making cleaning less hassle for busy parents.
Cotton. Blankets are a specific summer range of blankets which are made from pure cotton, aimed to be
lightweight and perfect for warmer weather. They are also machine washable and dryable too.
Cotton and Merino wool have both been found to be the best options for baby blankets as babies
receive the natural benefits derived from both fibres, aiding in a happier, healthier bub.
The many benefits of using merino wool and cotton in our blankets include:
• Breathability and moisture absorption. Giving the ability to help regulate body temperature and
help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, creating a better sleeping environment.
• Elasticity. The blanket will stretch and move easily with baby, but will not lose its shape or feel
• Durability. The wool fibre is unsurpassed in flexible strength, combined with high quality knit
constructions our blankets are a quality keepsake that will last you decades, passing from
generation to generation.
• Easy care. Wool and cottons microscopic scales hold dirt close to the surface of the fabric, it also
prevents bacteria and odours from being absorbed, all of this coupled with being machine
washable makes for easy cleaning.
With already 12 years of manufacturing experience in the textile industry, this husband and wife team
are only going from strength to strength. Our knitting machines are based in Ballarat, Victoria where we have
numerous knitting and sewing machines at our disposal. We create our gorgeous products and we thoroughly enjoy the whole process of designing, knitting and finishing our beautiful knits. We strive to keep giving our loyal customers great quality products that will last a lifetime.