Modern Take on the Traditional Blankie

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Striking the right balance between what’s best for baby, best for you and best for the environment can be tricky. Fortunately, when it comes to baby blankets there are already solutions in place.

One of the biggest impacts you can make environmentally is to buy locally made and locally grown products. Australia has a large market for some of the best Merino wool in the world and there are still a handful of family owned knitting mills in Australia producing quality baby blankets. Interknit trading as Branberry being one of them.

Did you know pure wool is fire retardant? When exposed to a flame, wool will smoulder and the flame will die. This makes it an incredibly safe choice for family bedding. Wool also has unique water absorption and repulsion abilities – it can wick away liquid moisture to keep you dry and absorb vapour moisture like perspiration to regulate your body temperature. These are all great qualities for a new baby, but what are the benefits for sleep-deprived parents?

Wool has come a long way since grandmothers hand knitted heirlooms. The latest easy care technology means pure wool blankets can be both machine washed and tumble dried, making it easier to manage little messes. The durability and elasticity remains the same to make sure your newborn blankets grows into the blanket they wrap their baby doll in and maybe even one day the blanket they take their own baby home in.

A handy checklist for purchasing a great baby blanket :

  • Made in Australia;
  • Made from Australian materials;
  • Machine Washable;
  • Tumble Dryable;
  • Light enough to wrap a newborn;
  • Large enough to cover a toddler;
  • Can be personalised (so it’s returned to you after events)



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