Boredom Busters For Young Kids

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children. Isolation doesn’t have to be boring.

Wow, how is everyone finding 2020? I never considered I’d be in a position where I’d have to actively find things to do at home with my two children.

Our lives had been getting busier with school/kinder routines; cleaning; preparing meals; washing and working. Our midweek would fly past and before I knew it, the weekend was here. Not that this was less busy with constant play dates; parties and other family commitments. Our normal was busy.

Fast forward to April 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen us cancel pretty much everything that usually kept us busy. I’m not really complaining as now we have slowed right down and are enjoying quality time at home. However some days are a little hard. You know how it is with children; you hear “mum” or “dad” about 1000 times a day. There are pockets of fun & laughter or fighting & crying. And let’s not forget the “I’m hungry what can we eat?” or the “I’m bored what can we do?”

Well, I thought I’d share what’s getting the kids, hubby and I through the days while in isolation. Here are some fun ideas to do at home which will hopefully keep the boredom at bay and keep all you mum’s and dad’s sane.
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FaceTime Friends and Family – Don’t forget to keep in contact and check in on each other! Especially family members. (I think the grandparents have loved this one more than my kids).

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Baking fun. A boy and a girl in the kitchen baking cupcakes with green icing.

Cook & Bake – Make cupcakes, slices or just that recipe that you have wanted to bake and just couldn’t find the time. You can also get them to help you cook dinner!

Disco Dance Party – Turn the lights down, put the music up and dance the night away. We had some glow sticks too which was a huge hit with the kids.

Cloud Watching – Enjoy it from your backyard. It can go for as long as you and your child’s imagination allows. What can you see?

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Bath Time, A smiling boy, having fun with bubbles all over his face.

Bubble Baths – This one’s not for getting clean, just purely for fun. Do it during the day. Fill the bath up and let them play! (Supervised of course) You may need to add more warm water and bubbles though.

Yoga & Mindfullness – A lot of schools do this now, my sons included. If your like me and have no idea what to do though, just search yoga & mindfulness for kids on You Tube. Do it together in your lounge room. We enjoyd these; Yoga For Kids with Alissa Kepas or Seated Movement & Mindfulness for Kids!

Build a Cubby or Fort – Make an indoor cubby or fort, just throw some blankets or sheets over the dining table. Super easy! This can be a safe base for Nerf gun fights too.

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Letter Time, A hand written letter from a 7 year old boy to his nanni.

Write a Letter– Encourage your kids to write some letters to loved ones or friends. You can post them off so then the recipient can get some joy from it too. Or you can just write them to each other.

Fun Science Experiements – Make a volcano or a skittles rainbow. If you need help with this one, Youtube is the place to go. There are so many options to choose from. We enjoyed this one Top 10 Most Amazing Science Experiments You Can Do At Home by LAB 360

Make Play Dough – Who doesn’t like play dough? Get the hole family involved! Choose something to make (like a whale) and then see who’s is the best.

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Arts & Crafts, a mother and her two children doing some crafts at the table. Glueing, drawing, glitter glue & pipe cleaners.

Arts & Crafts – Colouring in, painting, glueing etc is lots of fun! Keep your recycling (little boxes, strawberry punnet container, etc) and get creative. My little Miss made her own drum set. It’s a lot quieter than a real one too.

Backyard Picnic – Spread out a picnic rug and take lunch or dinner outside. Change you normal meal at the table routine. It’s always nice to mix things up a little!

Read – Sit down together and read a book as a family!

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Father and Daughter playing with a wooded stackable puzzle.

Puzzles & Board Games – I remember when I was young board games where enjoyed almost every weekend. Bring the joy of them back & get everyone playing together

Star Gaze Together -Get a big blanket, rug up, go outside and look up at the stars. See if you can see a shooting star. It will be nice and calming before bed.

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Dress Ups, a brother and sister, arm in arm dressed up as Where's Wally and Emma Wiggle.

Dress Up – My kids absolutely love dressing up. You can join in and play as well. If you don’t have anything just grab your partners clothes or grab a blanket and pretend your a ghost. The kids will love it.

Sensory Play – Any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. This one is great for learning too. We got shaving cream, put it on a plate wrote the letters of the alphabet in it.

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
Movies Night, A brother and sister sitting ready to watch a movie with their popcorn and lollies.

Movie Night – Choose a movie all together, turn the lights off and enjoy the cuddles on the couch. Maybe even be in your pajama’s too. Have your favourite snacks like popcorn, lollies and hot chocolates and really create a cinema vibe.

Obstacle Course – Create a series of obstacles in the backyard or inside. My kids loved watching Australian Ninja Warrior so we made our own courses to complete.

Scavenger Hunt – Create your own indoors and outdoors scavenger hunts. Write a list of items they need to find. Give them a bag or basket to collect them all and send them on their way. When they have finished everything has be put away.

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children.
A child sitting and playing with lego block. Building a tower

Lego – Who can make the tallest tower? Or the longest bridge? Have fun building and then watching them crash down and break.

Get Organising – Organise the kid’s rooms with their help. We’re heading into winter so now is a great time to check what still fits and sort out hand-me-downs. Go through old toys, they might find something hidden at the bottom of the toy box that will amuse them for hours. Let older children direct you to rearrange their room, or even swap with a sibling if you have the energy. They do say a change is as good as a holiday!

Fun & Free at home activities to entertain young children. 
Bedtime cuddles, Mother and Daughter sleeping peacefully in each others arms

Cuddles – Enjoy the cuddles and snuggles. Our children grow up so fast so why not enjoy it while you can. Let them have a sleep over in your bed. Or maybe you can sleep in their bedrooms?

What will you choose? Most activities are free or use supplies you will already have at home or around you!

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